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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Friday, March 11, 2016

If you want to grow, grow with us.

You know your market.
You know your customers.
You want to grow.

Then grow with us.

Our business has grown in high double digits over the last 5 years.
Our business is a niche product in the concrete formwork market.
Our products are strictly highest quality and usability.
Our customers are leading formwork service and rental companies.

contact us for detailed reseller information.

Jan A. Herud
emplica AG

phone: +41-763833522

Come to the world's largest Trade show "BAUMA 2016" and see how innovation drives business.

emplica has been leading for leaders since 2010. Always giving our best effort to bring winning solutions to formwork professionals. Come visit us at BAUMA in Munich to see the latest addition to our product range in live demonstration.
We are located in the "Formwork" Hall A2, booth 209, down the middle aisle. Just 2 minutes from the main entrance of Bauma.
contact us to win a free visitors ticket for Bauma 2016!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Some things can't be found on the Internet

for this

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:


Whats your color? emplica has the right repair system for you!

No matter what color the face or what type of plywood, you can re-use your formply more often with our colorful plugs.

Friday, March 4, 2016

come find us at BAUMA

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Dear formwork expert,

BAUMA 2016 is knocking at our doors. We have prepared a guide to munich to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

What to do in Munich when not at BAUMA

Munich has a lot to offer besides the BAUMA. If you are lucky, you have some hours of spare time or maybe wven a day or two and can do something for yourself.
Here are a few things I can recommend you to do or see in and around munich:

Getting around:
Munich is famous for notorious traffic jams, especially on the motorways around the center of the city. If you can, avoid using a car for your commuting… The munich subway “MVG” is safe, usually clean and very fast. If you miss a train, there is usually the next one coming within a few minutes.
The MVG offers a android and iOS app that features a mobile ticket purchasing as well, so you don’t have to get your ticket at a machine. There are also multi day tickets.

For all car-lovers out there: The BMW Museum showcases historic BMW models. The Museum Building itself is also worth a visit for anyone in the construction trade. 
The Deutsches Museum offers a huge collection of engineering works since the beginning of industrialisation and before. If you like engineering, this is the place to go. Its big, so plan at least 1-2 hrs.
The Neue Pinakothek is one of my favorite art museums. The collection shows ca. 400 paintings and sculptures of the 19th century. I always go there when in munich. If you like it more modern, see the Pinakothek der Moderne or the Museum Brandhorst. Both museums are close to each other and can be done in one session. Architecture of both is interesting as well.

Dining out:
Here is a personal collection of good places for all palates:
Bavarian/German Food:






My favorite places in munich for good food are: Brenner Grill (situated very central, usually full, need reservation), Käfer Schenke (very good food, very good service, fine food shop on street level). If you like the typical bavarian style, there are a lot of breweries that run their own Restaurants. My favorite classic bavarian is the Augustiner Restaurant right in the center of munich. "The Grill" is another highly recommended place for obviously grilled food right in the middle of munich.
Reservation is basically needed in all restaurants in Munich during the BAUMA. 

Since i have a family, my nights out have become a rare occasion. So i am not an expert on the current situation. The Heart is apparently the place to go at the moment. If you are into a drink in a bar, check out Schumann's Bar or the Falk's Bar in the Hotel Bayrischer Hof

I hope this will help you a little to make your trip even more fun.

best wishes for a successful fair, have a safe trip and don’t forget to visit us in Hall A2/booth 209

PS: a big "Thank you” for input goes out to munich local Joachim from Kerscher construction supply.

with best regards,

Jan A. Herud

If you would like to receive free samples of our products by post, please send us your address for shipment, price list, info etc.  to

Saturday, February 20, 2016

emplica miniplugs - the fastest and most inexpensive repair system for your formply

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

Emplica repair products compatibility with different types formwork panels

Framed and unframed formwork manufacturers offer a wide range of paneling material for different purposes.
From standard finply with phenolic film surface as in most european style formwork systems (Aluma®, Peri ®, Paschal®, Doka®, etc.) and spruce/pine panels with MDO or HDO (e.g. Dayton superior®) tonewermaterials like full plastic sandwich boards from Alkus® or Sonoboard®.
Emplica offers repair products that are suitable for the majority of the panel materials used in the industry. The great advantage of film covered plywood is its naturally given ability to be repaired. Plastic boards are usually made of polypropylene which can be characterized as unrepairable.
PP is a thermoplast and can only be permanently bonded to PP or other materials if chemically treated prior to bonding. These treatments are not suitable for use in the usual repair environment due to complexity, costs and effort.
Hot melt methods are often promoted, but do not result in a permanent solution.
Plastic coated plywood panels like Wisa Elephant can be repaired easily because its core is made of wood and will bond perfectly with the wooden side or the repair plug.

Please refer to the following charts and images to find the right emplica product for your formwork panel.

Download the full pdf file here: