Tuesday, November 30, 2010

emplica formwork repair website now in spanish

For our spanish speaking clients we have translated our website into spanish!


Bauma China exceeds all expectations

The 5th Bauma China in shanghai has closed its gates on sunday with new records regarding visitors, exhibitors and exhibition space. Visitor numbers went up 33 per cent from last Bauma China to 150.000. Top ten visitor origins were: China, Korea, India, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.The highest number of exhibitors came from China (some 700), Germany (154), followed by italy (107) and the US.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

new emplica training video online

repairing multiple damage to a plywood formwork board with emplica.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

fascinating translucent concrete

A engineering office and lab has invented a new concrete with embedded light transmitting optical fibres. The fibres allow light from one side to go through the concrete and come out on the other side. Of course, one cannot see details of whats happening on the other side but it looks like light and shadow can be viewed quite good. The technology is apparently not yet ready fo insitu processing but large precast concrete blocks and precast wall elements are available directly from the producer. They even produce panels with individualized patterns of light transmitting fibres. I am very much looking forward to see the first real project realised with that product.

Image: lucem.com

visit the manufacturers website: http://www.lucem.com

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News Update

- Deripaska's "Basic Element" Buying back shares of austrian Strabag.
- Calatrava archs poured at New York's ground zero rebuilding site.
- MAXXI / National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome by Zaha Hadid

Basic Element / Strabag
Oleg Deripaska's Firm Basic Element is buying back 17 per cent of the shares it had sold to investors last year during the crisis to finance other projects. In return, Strabag has agreed to buy a 17 per cent stake in Deripaska's road construction firm "Transtoi". Basic Element has the option to buy another 8 per cent of Strabag until july 2014.
Haselsteiner, Strabag's CEO holds via his family holding 29,5 per cent of the company, another third of the shares are held by Raiffeisen Group and Uniqa. 23 per cent of the shares are free float.
With the deal, Strabag hopes to become stronger in the russian construction market, which is recovering after the crisis. Especially the road construction deal seems to be a strategic investment for Strabag. Strabag is planning to be heavily involved in the construction of infrastructure, hotels and residential building in the olympic winter games resort of Sotchi.

Ground Zero / Calatrava archs
During October 2010, the 54 archs that support the structure above the WTC transportation hub have been poured. See the images of the archs that have been designed by Santiago Calatrava here:
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey image Gallery
Image credit: Joe Woolhead
Courtesy of: Silverstein Properties

MAXXI / National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome by Zaha Hadid

Image Courtesy of Iwan Baan

Image Courtesy of Iwan Baan

Image Courtesy of MAXXI/Roberto Galasso

The Website of the maxxi museum has a nice coverage with images of the formwork used to build Zaha Hadids beautiful structure for the museum.Details here: http://www.maxxi.beniculturali.it/english/cantiere.htm

A Gallery of the formwork progress can be found here: http://www.maxxi.beniculturali.it/english/galleria.htm

To see how fair faced concrete formwork is repaired, see our website with videos and descriptions.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Worlds tallest wooden building to be erected in Austria

image:  Rhomberg

Not far from the "Nordwesthaus" (see my post about Nordwesthaus here), in the triangle of austria, germany and switzerland, at the shore of lake constance, the tallest wooden building is being planned. The "LifeCycleTower" is put together of prefabricated wooden beams and concrete slabds. With a planned height of about 100 m (ca. 300 ft.) it will surpass the existing talles wooden building  in London.
The Planning and executing Firm "CREE" is a spin off of Austrian construction company Rhomberg. Cree aims to build a big useable structure with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

visit cree's website: http://www.creebyrhomberg.com

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