Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Formwork Repair pays off:

Resheeting a framed plywood formwork panel can easily cost EUR 500 per large element of 6,5 sm. Repairing the (fin-) plywood sheet with the emplica system can save up to 25 per cent of the costs during the plywood board's lifetime.
Just imagine you bought a pair of USD 2.000 taylor made shoes in London and you throw them away when the outer sole has a hole. You wouldnt do that would you? You would bring them to a shoemaker and he would apply a new sole for a few dollars. The same calculation applies to the plywood. Why buy new when the old one can be used a little longer for high-grade exposed concrete pouring.

Please have a look at the table we provide for this very simple calculation.(click on image to enlarge).

The use of epoxy filler is on the way to an ideal repair, but damages that go through the plywood such as tieholes etc can not be repaired with filler. Also, the application and curing of filler-repair takes time and is harmful to your lungs.
Ideally, a repair system should reinstall a almost new condition of the board. this can be done with emplica plicafix repair plugs. They are made of finply plywood with a brown film coating and have the exact physical characteristics as the original plywood. Using a PU glue, the plicafix plugs are inseparably bonded with the plywood sheet. Plicafix repair plugs are made of PEFC certified european birch plywood.

In case you dont trust words coming from marketing departments, maybe this video can show how easy and quick the emplica repair plugs are set.

The repair system comes in a very useful steelbox as a starterkit with all necessary tools and a supply of plicafix repair plugs.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Scaffolding techniques NOT used in central europe.

Thanks to Shaun Usher and others, we can enjoy looking at images of scaffolding that makes me itch sitting in my office chair.
image from dornob.com

many more scary images here and here.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

3D Concrete Printing

Video of 3D Concrete Printing:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Emplica welcomes new agent for southern Germany

Kerscher & Sohn GmbH has joined the emplica team to provide clients with the effective plywood repair products of emplica.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuttgart's Main Station - german railways goes ahead.

Despite the fact, that the quarreling over the new main station "Stuttgart 21" is far from over, Deutsche Bahn has signed the contract for a tunnel that will connect the station to the local airport.

The contract went t austrian tunnel specialist "Porr" with a value of €500 mio.

The Stuttgart 21 Project has divided the local folk deeply, and there is no sign of agreement soon. The existing Station is a dead end station and thus rather limited. The tracks above ground also use vast amounts of potential building land.
One of the Critic's main argument are the costs for the new station which will probably end up somewhere close or above to €bn 8 (my personal rough guess).
Still, i think Stuttgart 21 is needed because of the downtown land that is ill-used for tracks and for the limited capacity of the dead end station design.
Future design will be underground and passing through.

Not only do i think this investment is good and necessary for future transportation needs, it would also mean that the existing main stations ugly building can be removed. Plus, the investment can be used very well in the construction industry.

it would also mean that more formwork needs to be repaired with the emplica system.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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german construction magazines pick up on emplica

in july, two well-known construction magazines printed articles (in german) about us and our products.
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