Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all!

Dear readers and followers,

2011 was a turbulent year and it looks like 2012 has more storms in store. None the less, we will all sail through heavy weather like mankind always did.

So: keep smiling and working...

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Military Museum Dresden / Libeskind

Today i want to lead your eyes to a fascinating combination of classic and modern architecture. Daniel Libeskind has integrated a spike to the old building, which had been standing without purpose and empty for some 20 years. Now it reopened as the german military museum and is definitely worth a visit if you are around. The exposed concrete has been done very nicely and for once i have the impression that the combiantion of classizism and modernism has been accomplished in a not so eye-soring way. The formwork for sure is on the way to being complicated, but i guess it was more of a job for the statics engineers. Formwork was provided by Peri GmbH.

image: Peri GmbH

image: Peri GmbH

image: Peri GmbH

image: bitter bredt

image: bitter bredt

image: bitter bredt

image: bitter bredt

image: bitter bredt

image: AP

The museum website:

the museum @ dezeen blog:

the museum at Bauwelt magazine:

emplica formwork repair solutions:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not a miracle, just hard work

a few weeks ago i spend a cold and stormy fall weekend in our workshop fixing an old Paschal Raster formwork element. It was really really in a bad shap. Crap actually.
The result is not what we actually try to advertise, we are just using this formwork for marketing purposes and i thought i can also use some practical experience with how bad exactly formwork can look and how much work goes into fixing it.
First i took off the old plywood. Then the frame got introduced to my angle grinder. A few layer of paint after some foundation and then a new plywood board.
Since then, the element has seen a few pours of concrete again and is getting back to its original look soon...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Formwork Repair pays off:

Resheeting a framed plywood formwork panel can easily cost EUR 500 per large element of 6,5 sm. Repairing the (fin-) plywood sheet with the emplica system can save up to 25 per cent of the costs during the plywood board's lifetime.
Just imagine you bought a pair of USD 2.000 taylor made shoes in London and you throw them away when the outer sole has a hole. You wouldnt do that would you? You would bring them to a shoemaker and he would apply a new sole for a few dollars. The same calculation applies to the plywood. Why buy new when the old one can be used a little longer for high-grade exposed concrete pouring.

Please have a look at the table we provide for this very simple calculation.(click on image to enlarge).

The use of epoxy filler is on the way to an ideal repair, but damages that go through the plywood such as tieholes etc can not be repaired with filler. Also, the application and curing of filler-repair takes time and is harmful to your lungs.
Ideally, a repair system should reinstall a almost new condition of the board. this can be done with emplica plicafix repair plugs. They are made of finply plywood with a brown film coating and have the exact physical characteristics as the original plywood. Using a PU glue, the plicafix plugs are inseparably bonded with the plywood sheet. Plicafix repair plugs are made of PEFC certified european birch plywood.

In case you dont trust words coming from marketing departments, maybe this video can show how easy and quick the emplica repair plugs are set.

The repair system comes in a very useful steelbox as a starterkit with all necessary tools and a supply of plicafix repair plugs.

for more info and contact please visit our website at:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Scaffolding techniques NOT used in central europe.

Thanks to Shaun Usher and others, we can enjoy looking at images of scaffolding that makes me itch sitting in my office chair.
image from

many more scary images here and here.

keeping your formwork shiny and new:

Friday, August 19, 2011

3D Concrete Printing

Video of 3D Concrete Printing:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Emplica welcomes new agent for southern Germany

Kerscher & Sohn GmbH has joined the emplica team to provide clients with the effective plywood repair products of emplica.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuttgart's Main Station - german railways goes ahead.

Despite the fact, that the quarreling over the new main station "Stuttgart 21" is far from over, Deutsche Bahn has signed the contract for a tunnel that will connect the station to the local airport.

The contract went t austrian tunnel specialist "Porr" with a value of €500 mio.

The Stuttgart 21 Project has divided the local folk deeply, and there is no sign of agreement soon. The existing Station is a dead end station and thus rather limited. The tracks above ground also use vast amounts of potential building land.
One of the Critic's main argument are the costs for the new station which will probably end up somewhere close or above to €bn 8 (my personal rough guess).
Still, i think Stuttgart 21 is needed because of the downtown land that is ill-used for tracks and for the limited capacity of the dead end station design.
Future design will be underground and passing through.

Not only do i think this investment is good and necessary for future transportation needs, it would also mean that the existing main stations ugly building can be removed. Plus, the investment can be used very well in the construction industry.

it would also mean that more formwork needs to be repaired with the emplica system.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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german construction magazines pick up on emplica

in july, two well-known construction magazines printed articles (in german) about us and our products.
have a look here:

Monday, July 25, 2011

emplica in the press

emplica is being covered by german construction magazine: "Baumagazin". if you want to read the article, please click here for the latest issue (07/2011):

our article is on page 68.

more info about emplica and innovative formwork repair solutions:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the winning team at the german concrete canoe challenge

winners of ladies' hearts...and prizes!

the two canoes (in the front the winner of the lightweight contest) and the team...

wounded in action...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Neues Video von Emplica: Zylinderkopfbohrer reinigen, Messer wechseln. New Emplica video tutorial for maintaining your emplica drill bit

more info here: emplica formwork repair products

emplica welcomes new Distributor and Training Center for northern and western Germany

Matec GmbH, a specialist company for exposed concrete accesories has started sales of emplica formwork repair products for the north and west of germany. Matec also runs a fully equipped training center and provides trainings to interested prospect clients.
We are very happy to have Matec on board as they have in-depth knowledge of the industry-niche and extremely valuable client contacts in their area.
A first Roadshow in the last week of june ended very positive for emplica, matec and the newly won clients.

please visit for more info on their products and team.

a different approach to VIP Lounge at a soccer stadium...

Fans of the famous german fottball club FC St. Pauli in Hamburg not only have a VIP Lounge, they have a VIP House! It has not much to do with concrete, i am putting it here because i find it extraordinary and also because the creative head behind this project is a friend of mine.
I had to laugh so hard when i saw these pictures. (image credits go to Getty images, and Ulmer Pressefoto)
This structure resembles the club and its fans very much... you just have to love it.

There is no chance for me to sell some formwork repair system for this building... but if there would be any exposed concrete and its formwork, i am shure could do a good job

Friday, July 1, 2011

Concrete canoe challenge 2011 results of "my" Team...

finally, we got the final results for the different categories my team took part in:

1. Place for most lighhtweight canoe: 17,5 kg weight at 4,15 mtrs length!
1. Place for best design of race-jersey
2. Place for construction with the our second canoe "OptiMischt".
5. Place for construction with the first canoe: "ArmagETHon"
10. Place for Canoe's design with ArmagETHon.

Altogether 30 Teams with around 60 canoes / vessels competed for the prize. Due to some administrative/organisational misunderstanding, our team was unable to win the athletic competition. But after all: They're engineers, not paddlers...

It was a fine challenge and i am very proud of the team!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

folded fibre reinforced concrete design objects

german designer Tim Mackerodt has designed and built a lamp and a stool using concrete that is folded during the curing process. The process is as follows:
Fibre reinforced concrete is laid out on a flexible formwork. During the curing process, when slightly hard, the formwork is folded into the desired shape. After the concrete is cured, the formwork is taken apart, leaving a very filigrane concrete object.
Using this method, concrete can be put into shapes that would be impossible using traditional casting methods.
have a look at the objects. I think especially the lamp is showing new ways of using concrete as a design material, basically in opposition to ceramics.
The lamp's walls are only 2,7mm thick, making it very lightweight. reminding me of the concrete canoe emplica is sponsoring.

image: tim mackerodt

image: tim mackerodt

now emplica needs to invent even more flexible repair products...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Die HelvETHier kommen… … und lassen die Neutralität zu Hause

Die emplica AG ist stolzer Unterstützer des Betonkanuregatta Teams der ETh Zürich, der "HelvETHier".

Zum 13. Mal zeigen Studenten aus Europa bei einem gemeinsamen Wettkampf Höchstleistungen aus Ingenieurwissenschaften, Teamgedanken, Disziplin, Ausdauer und Ehrgeiz. Die Betonkanuregatta findet am 23. und 24. Juni in Magdeburg statt. Zugelassen sind nur Kanus und Boote/Schwimmkörper (offene Klasse) aus Beton! Das erfordert einiges an Hirnschmalz und Muskel, denn Kanus aus Beton zählen eher zu den Schwergewichtigen.

Ich begleite die Studenten der ETH seit einigen Wochen beim Bau des Kanus und konnte sowohl beim Betonieren als auch beim Ausschalen mithelfen. Die Bootstaufe ist am Montag, den 16.Mai auf dem Zürichsee.
Mehr infos zur Regatta selber gib es hier.
Infos zum Team hier.
Unsere Pressemitteilung 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Floats like a stone in water, concrete canoe 2011 challenge!

emplica is proud sponsor of this years concrete canoe challenge team of the ETH Zürich (University Zürich).
See their website here:

More info coming soon!

The prospect winners:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Kiosk will survive the next 1000 years.

I am sure the owners of this kiosk must be really doing good business to build their shop this sturdy...
not quite sure if it really makes sense, but looks funny.
image: Wellmann Ladinger

image: Wellmann Ladinger

The kiosk is located just a few steps outside of Dornbirn, Austria. Formwork was constructed with raw spruce boards.
more info here:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Nice video about NYC Apartment Buildings with Robert A. M. Stern

winding monolithic reinforced concrete bridge over Schanerloch in Austria

image: marc lins
Architects Marte.Marte have completed a beautiful bridge over a small alpine stream in the Vorarlberg region in Austria.
Challenging farmwork engineering with finply panels.

Schanerloch bridge
image: marc lins

image: private user at

image: private user at

bridge from below
image: marte.marte architects

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Friday, April 29, 2011

hovering exposed concrete auditorium within university hall

I wouldnt say that the formwork was extreme, but i am sure the engineering must have been quite tricky. The auditorium was built inside an already existing structure, with little space to move. The result is very pleasing, especially since the concrete surface came out very well (also in the rest of the building.

Auditorium at the physics lab of University of Greifswald (Germany):
image: BSB Bau Malchin

image: BSB Bau Malchin

image: BSB Bau Malchin

image: CEMEX

image: CEMEX

image: CEMEX

The auditorium fits 80 students.

more info here:

they used new plywood formwork, so no repairs there yet.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poland planning to invest USD 20bn in nuclear powerplants over the next 13 years.

According to PMR, Poland is planning new powerplants with a combined energy output of 30.000 MW. As far as i understood, Poland is not very much considering in green energy. Gas, Coal and Nuclear Powerplants are mainly on the list.

Too bad.

Considering that Poland is neighboring Germany, i think it is quite a joke that Merkel is closing down the nuclear powerplants when poland is building new ones.
Plus, i am sure some of the funds for the new polish plants are coming from EU (german) taxpayers... Thats the way to do it.

see the article here:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Emplica press release

please have a look at our latest press release explaining how valuable formwork is repaired today:

Matec, a supplier of concrete construction accessories now also offers emplica formwork repair products.

Matec is a regional specialist and serves the western german area market, therefore info is only available in german.
Go to their website here: Matec GmbH
See their latest newsletter here:

need further info on formwork repair products?
go to our website:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Max Frisch: 100 years

Max Frisch, one of my favourite Authors was born 100 years ago. Before he became a famous writer, he studied architecture and also worked as an architect in his hometown zürich. This carreer didnt last long, so there is not much to show when it comes to his architectural designs. The public outddor pool Letzigraben is his most famous piece. There, it is especially the 10m tower that has a very sleek design.
The Strauhof museum in Zürich is dedicating an exhibition to Max Frisch until September this year:

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Old Bridge of Mostar

There are two reasons why the old bridge of Mostar (stary most) is fascinating to me.
1. I saw pictures of the old bridge in a old vacation photoalbum of my grandmother from the 1960s
2. i saw video footage on tv news when it was destroyed during the balkan war

image: gen-eng.

I dont find the old bridge that special compared to other bridges i have seen e.g. in the alps, but it is the whole composition of white old stone houses and that inviting dark turquoise river flowing under it. on a hot summer day looking at a photo of the old bridge you just want to dive in.

As we know, the old bridge was destroyed by some really ignorant asshole (sorry for my wording) during the balcan war. but it has been rebuilt since, actually already quite some time ago. the new bridge looks just as beautiful as the old one since they tried to build the new old bridge as an exact replica of the old old bridge.

i found a very good website that explains the amazing technique that was used for both the old and the new old bridge.
please go here and enjoy the information.

need to rebuild formwork? emplica has a solution for you!

European mega project

There hasnt been a project of this size in france since over 100 years. We are talking about the planned and to be constructed soon canal that will link the river seine with the river schelde. The EU, France and private investors are spending around minimum € 3,6 bn.

The Canal will link the Paris region to the european waterways network, making it possible to trnapsort goods on freight ships from paris to the north sea harbours of rotterdam.
With a lenght of 106 kms, a depth of 5 mtrs and a width of 54 meters it allows freight ships of the class Vb (meaning one motorised pusher vessel and two transport vessel behind each other) to transport cargo basically from the mediterranian sea to paris and further on to the north sea harbours all within land.
Construction is planned to start already this year, with a opening to public of the canal in 2016.
25 million cubic meters of soil will have to be moved, infrastructure includes six locks and a port to connect to the transeuropean freight railways.
image: wikipedia

a Vb class freighter carrying 6.000 metric tons of coal. 200 trucks or 3 freight trains would be needed to transport that amount over land.

the european union expects freight transport to expand by roughly 50 per cent until 2020. Trying to not get all the roads stuck with trucks, waterways are an ideal alternative for cheaper and easier transport of cargo either in conatiners or as bulk.

According to Nicolas Bour, the project leader of the Seine-Nord Europe Mission, "1500 containers unloaded in a maritime port equal 1000 trucks on the road or 25 fully-loaded goods trains, but only 5 vessels."

i guess they will be using concrete... repair for concrete formwork is easy with the emplica repair system: