Monday, January 25, 2016

Emplica repair products compatibility with different types formwork panels

Framed and unframed formwork manufacturers offer a wide range of paneling material for different purposes.
From standard finply with phenolic film surface as in most european style formwork systems (Aluma®, Peri ®, Paschal®, Doka®, etc.) and spruce/pine panels with MDO or HDO (e.g. Dayton superior®) tonewermaterials like full plastic sandwich boards from Alkus® or Sonoboard®.
Emplica offers repair products that are suitable for the majority of the panel materials used in the industry. The great advantage of film covered plywood is its naturally given ability to be repaired. Plastic boards are usually made of polypropylene which can be characterized as unrepairable.
PP is a thermoplast and can only be permanently bonded to PP or other materials if chemically treated prior to bonding. These treatments are not suitable for use in the usual repair environment due to complexity, costs and effort.
Hot melt methods are often promoted, but do not result in a permanent solution.
Plastic coated plywood panels like Wisa Elephant can be repaired easily because its core is made of wood and will bond perfectly with the wooden side or the repair plug.

Please refer to the following charts and images to find the right emplica product for your formwork panel.

Download the full pdf file here:

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