Monday, October 18, 2010

Long-Term Test with emplica Plicafix on concrete form

After 12 Weeks, we have some preliminary results of our long term test with a standard plicafix 60 inserted into a wisaform birch plywood form.

We are testing the development of the concrete surface with each pour. Up to now, we have poured 25 times.

Test setup:

- plicafix60 plywood repair spot on Wisaform birch
- finegrain concrete (0-8mm), very little form release oil.
- concrete stays in form for 72 hrs.


- No significant change in concrete surface
- changes of surface mainly occur according to liquidity of concrete and amount of oil applied

here are the images of every 5th piece of concrete made during the test:

we will of course continue this test and keep you updated on results.

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