Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Worlds tallest wooden building to be erected in Austria

image:  Rhomberg

Not far from the "Nordwesthaus" (see my post about Nordwesthaus here), in the triangle of austria, germany and switzerland, at the shore of lake constance, the tallest wooden building is being planned. The "LifeCycleTower" is put together of prefabricated wooden beams and concrete slabds. With a planned height of about 100 m (ca. 300 ft.) it will surpass the existing talles wooden building  in London.
The Planning and executing Firm "CREE" is a spin off of Austrian construction company Rhomberg. Cree aims to build a big useable structure with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

visit cree's website: http://www.creebyrhomberg.com

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