Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zürich trainstation underground works

The old Zürich mainstation is, just like Stuttgarts, a dead-end terminal. It is squeezed between the lake Zürich and the Limmat river. With more than 3.000 Trains every day it is also one of the busiest terminals in the world. To allow the predicted growth in train movement, the swiss railways SBB, the swiss government and the Kanton of Zürich have invested 2 bn swiss franks and dug a tunnel under the river to open the dead-end. on November 22nd, the tunnel drill "Heidi" had its break through. The tunnel is 4,5 km long. One of the main challenges was not to drill into the river and not to destroy zürich residents basements (the local government was very pleased that no wine-cellars were destroyed so far...)
Have a look at the project, which is going on rather silently and is appreciated by zürichs population.

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