Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuttgart's Main Station - german railways goes ahead.

Despite the fact, that the quarreling over the new main station "Stuttgart 21" is far from over, Deutsche Bahn has signed the contract for a tunnel that will connect the station to the local airport.

The contract went t austrian tunnel specialist "Porr" with a value of €500 mio.

The Stuttgart 21 Project has divided the local folk deeply, and there is no sign of agreement soon. The existing Station is a dead end station and thus rather limited. The tracks above ground also use vast amounts of potential building land.
One of the Critic's main argument are the costs for the new station which will probably end up somewhere close or above to €bn 8 (my personal rough guess).
Still, i think Stuttgart 21 is needed because of the downtown land that is ill-used for tracks and for the limited capacity of the dead end station design.
Future design will be underground and passing through.

Not only do i think this investment is good and necessary for future transportation needs, it would also mean that the existing main stations ugly building can be removed. Plus, the investment can be used very well in the construction industry.

it would also mean that more formwork needs to be repaired with the emplica system.

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