Monday, January 23, 2012

Repairing a long scratch with emplica plicafix 200

Repairing long scratches in Formwork panels has until now been a little complicated by placing the repair plugs overlapping. Emplica's new product Plicafix 200 is a long patch of plywood that can be used for the repair of longer scratches.
Here are a few images of how to do it:

long scratch (ca 15 cm / 6 in) in plywood panel

adjusting the stencil

routing with emplica drill Bit DB40Long

finished routing

remove dust

apply glue into edges

take a Plicafix 200 plywood repair patch

Place plicafix 200 on one side into hole 

gently hammer plicafix 200 plywood repair patch into hole


good for fair faced concrete again...

and here is the video on youtube:

check out our plywood panel repair products here:

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