Monday, January 20, 2014

how to keep the emplica drill bit in shape and clean with resin remover

Contact with concrete softens the phenolic film coating. By drilling through the film, the phenolic resins will start sticking tot he drill bit. This can effect the cutting performance negatively.

To clean your drill bit, a resin remover should be used regularly to keep the blades and spurs in good shape. See how our resin remover works wonders on a drill bit.

Emplica resin remover comes as a concentrated granulate that needs to be solved in water.

Use the drill bit’s original packaging as a container and pour in 1 tsp oft he granulate and add 100 ml of cold water.

sink the drill bit into the solution and let rest for 1 to 8 hrs.

The solution will get a brownish color, this indicates that it is working.

Rinse the drill bit with lots of cold water.

 dry the drill bit

 apply oil to avoid rusting

finished and ready for more drilling

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