Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to repair damaged edges on slab form tables

Slab tables are exposed to great strain during their use on site. The edges are usually the most vulnerable to damages from cranes and lifts or releasing.

With the  Emplica repair strips system in combination with DB4XL router bit and edge router guide, repairing these slab tables is very easy and simple.
Restoring a sharp, durable edge is done in a few quick steps, as shown in our pictorial below.
Slab table with damaged edge

First, clean the damaged edge and make sure there are no screws, nails and rivets left in the plywood.
Concrete residue will be removed during the cleaning process as well.

clean edge

Now put the router guide into place and fix with spindle

Use the router along the guide with slow, controlled movements.
Always drive from left to right, if the routerguide is facing you. (because of the router bit’s clock wise turn)

The router guide will make sure the groove is right at the edge.

blow away dust and clippings

Use Glue (e.g. Emplica PUG PRO) very frugally and only into the edge, not the full flat surface.

Use a rubber hammer to gently fix the repair strip.

You may want to use a clamp to put on some pressure for 15-30 mins.

remove excess glue after curing with a spatula

seal the newly repaired edge


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