Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Santiago Calatrava

I was still a teenager, when i first got hold of a book about Santiago Calatrava and his architecture.
Since then, i have been a fan of his work. He does things with concrete that look impossible, almost like freezing water while it pours out of a bottle. The formwork to realize his projects are amazing pieces of engineering.
Please have a look at one of his projects, the St. Exupery Airport Lyon Train station, built 1989-1994.

Of course, Calatrava's style has not changed too much over the years, but i am still amazed by what he does. one of his latest projects, the PATH Terminal in NYC is not too different from the above mentioned TGV station at Lyon's Airport.

See more of calatravas work at this unofficial website: www.calatrava.info

lucky as i am, we have a trainstation here in Zürich designed by Calatrava in 1982-1984 as well. The "Bahnhof Stadelhofen". Some information about this station here.

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