Friday, July 1, 2011

Concrete canoe challenge 2011 results of "my" Team...

finally, we got the final results for the different categories my team took part in:

1. Place for most lighhtweight canoe: 17,5 kg weight at 4,15 mtrs length!
1. Place for best design of race-jersey
2. Place for construction with the our second canoe "OptiMischt".
5. Place for construction with the first canoe: "ArmagETHon"
10. Place for Canoe's design with ArmagETHon.

Altogether 30 Teams with around 60 canoes / vessels competed for the prize. Due to some administrative/organisational misunderstanding, our team was unable to win the athletic competition. But after all: They're engineers, not paddlers...

It was a fine challenge and i am very proud of the team!

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