Tuesday, May 24, 2011

folded fibre reinforced concrete design objects

german designer Tim Mackerodt has designed and built a lamp and a stool using concrete that is folded during the curing process. The process is as follows:
Fibre reinforced concrete is laid out on a flexible formwork. During the curing process, when slightly hard, the formwork is folded into the desired shape. After the concrete is cured, the formwork is taken apart, leaving a very filigrane concrete object.
Using this method, concrete can be put into shapes that would be impossible using traditional casting methods.
have a look at the objects. I think especially the lamp is showing new ways of using concrete as a design material, basically in opposition to ceramics.
The lamp's walls are only 2,7mm thick, making it very lightweight. reminding me of the concrete canoe emplica is sponsoring.

image: tim mackerodt

image: tim mackerodt

now emplica needs to invent even more flexible repair products...

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