Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Repair or resheet?

A quick guide for the formwork maintenance professional.

Concrete surface is a delicate matter and measured very individually. Following pictorial is in our opinion suitable for most forms, even when used for exposed concrete walls.
Some of our clients have even lowered the maximum amount of repairs allowed per panel and square meter or 10 square feet, to avoid any discussions with architects...
As a general rule, we recommend to NOT put more than 4 plugs per square meter / 10 square Foot. And NOT more than 10 plugs per Panel. If the panel is less than 1 sqm / 10sqft, then the maximum is obviously less than 4 plugs per panel…
We presume you know how to use our repair system. Badly set repair plugs are never accepted. You can always watch our tutorial videos on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/emplicaswitzerland
And there is another recommendation:
Please do not repair formwork that you have rented, unless you have clear instructions to do so by the owner of the formwork.
Repairing rented formwork often results in quarrel.
For obviuos reasons we cannot be held liable for any damages by the use of this guide
but lets get started:
Above panel has 8 damages, its ok to repair
Above panel has 16 damages, resheeting is recommended.
Above panel has 4 damages within 1 square meter / 10 square feet space. Repairing is ok
Above Panel has more than 4 damages on a space of 1 square meter / 10 square feet.

You can download this short guide as a pdf file here:
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