Monday, October 28, 2013

The human factor

Emplica engineers and manufactures products with lowest tolerance levels regarding quality.

The only way to keep quality at highest standards is to test and try the real product over and over again. No machine and no statistics can simulate reality.

Humans have the ability to see something and make instant decisions based on experience. Machines need to be programmed to do so. But what if the machine program is missing some info that has never been experienced and dealt with before?

Only the human brain is able to anticipate what impact a certain characteristic will have later on in the life of a product.
And this anticipation can happen within fractions of a second.

Usually, experience plays a big part in this decision making process, but also training and a good working environment that supports individual decisions and lets people be creative.

So what do we do at emplica? We make prototypes and ship them back and forth and test and test again until a final product evolves. The more complex the product, the more back and forth and the more testing and trials. Maybe even involving a client in this process to ensure a product that does what it is supposed to do and is better than a previous version.

Nothing beats human experience and creativity.

At emplica, every product we offer, has gone through these processes of prototyping, trials and improvements until we have decided that we can take responsibility for it.

Our starter kit has been designed to fulfill exactly its needs. We took away and added where necessary until we found there is nothing better.

Our drill bits have been designed to fulfill their purpose the best way possible. With multiple necessary, sometimes conflicting characteristics, it took many months for our drill bits to evolve into a final product.

Emplica's repair plugs and repair strips have been used by the thousands internally before a packaging was designed and the products being offered to our customers.

Why do we do this? We believe that quality and usability are the most important ingredients to a successful business in the long run.

Low prices almost certainly lead to disappointed customers, as quality suffers.

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