Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cleaning and straightening out formwork

With hundreds of pours during their lifetime, steel or aluminum system formwork are exposed to heavy strain. No worker on site treats the formwork like a raw egg.
After each pour, concrete residue clings to both the siurface and the metal frames of the formwork element. With cleaning machines, the surface and the frames can be cleaned automatically, fast and precise. PPS Dietle of Haiterbach (close to Stuttgart, Germany) produces these custom machines that help to keep the equipment clean. Not only formwork, but also props for scaffolding.
Once the frames and props are clean, they usually need to be straightened out as well. Otherwise those bent props wont fit for the next pour. To get them back in shape, PPS Dietle manufactures specialized, automated machines for the straightening of props.
The process of cleaning and repairing is in general "unproductive" time for the equipment and every hour or day the equipment is not on site, it basically loses money for the owner.
To get the most out of the formwork investment, cleaning and repair times have to be as little as possible. Automated cleaning and fast repairing are key to a productive and profitable formwork ownership.

watch this video of the cleaning process with a Dietle machine.

click HERE to watch the video

image: PPS Dietle GmbH

and of course, the formwork surface needs repair as well. See our Website Emplica for more information about easy repair of surfaces.

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