Monday, March 28, 2011

Emplica announces partnership with PPS Dietle

Zurich / Haiterbach, March 2011. Emplica AG, a formwork repair systems specialist and PPS Dietle GmbH, an automation engineering company have agreed to work closely together. The cooperation aims, according to the directors Jan Herud and Holger Dietle, to venture new markets and clients within the formwork industry together.
The portfolios of the two companies are perfectly complementary. Emplica specializes in repair systems for formwork surfaces. The company offers systems that allows formwork owners to repair their formwork easy and cost effective. PPS Dietle develops and manufactures automation solutions for the formwork industry. Highly innovative automated machines for repair of frames and cleaning of formwork surfaces are among their product range.
The aim of the cooperation is to develop new markets together and offer products to a wider customer base. In addition, both companies plan to work together in the area of process optimization, since cleaning and repair of formwork systems are closely related processes. In the future, development of new products will be mutually coordinated. Through the cooperation, Emplica and PPS Dietle can provide customers interesting solutions for the re-use of formwork.
"The cooperation with Dietle PPS is a logic step, since the strengths of our companies complement each other," says Jan Herud, managing director of Emplica. "Customized solutions provide crucial competitive advantages over market companions. Emplica and PPS Dietle can realize such solutions" continues Holger Dietle, CEO of PPS Dietle.

image: emplica AG

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