Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rebuilding Japan

Who hasn't watched the news the last few days since the earthquake and a following tsunami hit Japan's eastern coast. As a teenager i saw tchernobyl explode and now something similar is happening in one of the most developed countries of this world. I feel very sorry for all my friends in Japan and the helplessness that we all experience at this moment is very annoying.
Aside the nuclear drama happening at the 3 nuclear powerplants in Fukushima, Onagawa and Tokai, there are some 100.000 buildings damaged or destroyed, infrastructure is severly damaged and the flood has made life in many towns impossible for the next few weeks and months.
As if this wasnt enough, it seems that in this case, the new social media channels are not really providing anyone with reliable information. Most of what can be read is rumor and opinion. I have the feeling that official information is very scarce and maybe withholding the worst.

I found a few sources though, that i believe can help get clearer picture on the nuclear desaster in Fukushima:






image: nytimes

image: nytimes

Rebulding Japan will, according to Air worldwide, a risk analysis company cost around USD 40bn. This is a very early estimate and i believe it will be much more.


What bothers me is that Japan's economy has been struggling for almost 20 years in a row now and this hit is definitely no help to get the country back on a winning track. Lets just hope that it can recover fast with the help of the rest of the world.


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