Friday, April 8, 2011

European mega project

There hasnt been a project of this size in france since over 100 years. We are talking about the planned and to be constructed soon canal that will link the river seine with the river schelde. The EU, France and private investors are spending around minimum € 3,6 bn.

The Canal will link the Paris region to the european waterways network, making it possible to trnapsort goods on freight ships from paris to the north sea harbours of rotterdam.
With a lenght of 106 kms, a depth of 5 mtrs and a width of 54 meters it allows freight ships of the class Vb (meaning one motorised pusher vessel and two transport vessel behind each other) to transport cargo basically from the mediterranian sea to paris and further on to the north sea harbours all within land.
Construction is planned to start already this year, with a opening to public of the canal in 2016.
25 million cubic meters of soil will have to be moved, infrastructure includes six locks and a port to connect to the transeuropean freight railways.
image: wikipedia

a Vb class freighter carrying 6.000 metric tons of coal. 200 trucks or 3 freight trains would be needed to transport that amount over land.

the european union expects freight transport to expand by roughly 50 per cent until 2020. Trying to not get all the roads stuck with trucks, waterways are an ideal alternative for cheaper and easier transport of cargo either in conatiners or as bulk.

According to Nicolas Bour, the project leader of the Seine-Nord Europe Mission, "1500 containers unloaded in a maritime port equal 1000 trucks on the road or 25 fully-loaded goods trains, but only 5 vessels."

i guess they will be using concrete... repair for concrete formwork is easy with the emplica repair system:

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