Friday, April 8, 2011

The Old Bridge of Mostar

There are two reasons why the old bridge of Mostar (stary most) is fascinating to me.
1. I saw pictures of the old bridge in a old vacation photoalbum of my grandmother from the 1960s
2. i saw video footage on tv news when it was destroyed during the balkan war

image: gen-eng.

I dont find the old bridge that special compared to other bridges i have seen e.g. in the alps, but it is the whole composition of white old stone houses and that inviting dark turquoise river flowing under it. on a hot summer day looking at a photo of the old bridge you just want to dive in.

As we know, the old bridge was destroyed by some really ignorant asshole (sorry for my wording) during the balcan war. but it has been rebuilt since, actually already quite some time ago. the new bridge looks just as beautiful as the old one since they tried to build the new old bridge as an exact replica of the old old bridge.

i found a very good website that explains the amazing technique that was used for both the old and the new old bridge.
please go here and enjoy the information.

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