Tuesday, February 1, 2011

almost Extreme Formworking

Vodafone has many offices, some of them not so beautiful but one is a real gem... The one Vodafone built for its Portugal team. It was all poured in-situ with white concrete and looks really stunning. Who wouldnt want to work there?
Vodafone Headquarter Oporto, Portugal
image: FG&SG

I guess the portuguese employees of Vodafone have done a better job than their german colleagues:
Vodafone Headquerter Düssledorf, Germany
(ok, that is the old building, but even the new one is far from it's portuguese style)
image: wikipedia

Ok, back to the Oporto Building:

image: afaconsult

image: FG&SG
image: FG&SG

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