Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Extreme Formworking Part III (or: "Where can i hang my Dali?")

Today: Antti Lovags Palais Bulle outside of Cannes. Here, the architects love for bubbles is expressed quite extensively. Not a single wall is straight.
On a beautiful spot overviewing the mediterranean sea, the fench fashion designer Pierre Cardin had this palace built in the late 1980's.
It is extreme formworking, because there are no straight walls or ceilings. Only the floors are even. Since the bubbles are lying on top of each other in a pile, the engineering works must have taken quite some brains and calculations. Or a lot of Artists.
The bubbles were built by erecting round steel "framework grids", "knitwear" (fabric) attached to the grid as a permanent formwork and then filling it up with fibre concrete.
(c) sepienthia

(c) sepienthia

here is a link to a good description of the design and construction process:

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