Wednesday, February 9, 2011

India: Government's construction spending fiscal year 10/11

India's Governments has a large scale scheme for development which is also meant to boost the local economy.
Within the governments budget the following numbers stick out for 2011:
- Rural infrastructure development: USD 84 bn
- Urban development & housing: USD 2.6 bn
- General infrastructure (railways, roads etc): USD 54 bn

Alone in Dheli, around 40.000 Flats are being built on governement schemes at this moment.

The total growth of the construction industry in india for 2011 is estimated at 7.7 per cent, of which the larger part goes to infrastructure.

Ongoing construction has a value of roughly USD 100 bn at this stage
The Governement plans to finish construction 20 km of new highway per Day.
India's Government needs to spend USD 500 bn on construction within the next 5 years.

- Government of India
- indian times

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