Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Extreme Formworking Part II

Today, i will look at the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain. Antoni Gaudi's ufinished larger-than-life project started in 1883 and is still going on. Authorities are planning to have it finished in 2026, hundred years after Gaudi's death. The Sagrada Familia is a true landmark of Barcelona and i think anyone interested in construction and architecture has to see it at least once. And while in Barcelona, have a look at all the other buildings Gaudi erected.
The cathedral is about half finished at this moment, with the major challenges still ahead. The Design might not appeal to everyone, but it is seriously impressive, also because it looks a little "amateurish" or "wild". I was actually a little afraid when i visited it that something may fall from the ceiling whilst me in there...

The majority of the structure is made of scultped stone, but already in the beginning, concrete was used as well. Actually, one of the biggest sponsors in the beginning was a spanish cement manufacturer.

Since the structure is so crooked, most of the formwork is made from polyester or raw timber for single use. It is extreme formworking to me because engineers are working in great heights and it all looks so fragile. but please have a look yourself:




image: sagrada familia foundation

the sagrada familia carpenter team
iamge: sagrada familia foundation
below is a link to a free article about the formwork for sagrada familia:

here is another very good article from mcGrawHill continuing education center with some very good images:

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